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Reflexology is based on the belief system that all your body organs are mirror-mapped on your hands and feet and by specific manipulation techniques on the feet you can help to break down imbalanced in your body to promote homeostasis (balance) in the body. Reflexology is mainly conducted via your feet as you have over 7,000 nerve endings or reflex points in your feet and each one that corresponds to every organ and system within your body, by pressing on these reflex points you stimulate the nervous system and open energy pathways that may be congested or blocked causing physical or emotional discomfort.

Reflexology is very effective in treating all stress related concerns such as headaches, sinuses, physical and emotional fatigue, low energy levels, sluggish lymphatic systems where you are feeling run down, drained and prone to colds and flu’s, breathing difficulties as in asthma, digestive disorders such as IBS, constipation, bloating. It is also used widely to treat genealogical concerns.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oil extracted from plants, herbs, trees, spices, flowers and resins, it is one of the most versatile treatments as it can be adapted and applied in many ways such as massage with a massage blend, bath oils, sprays, and diffuser. It works on the limbic and olfactory sense within the body to promote healing and wellbeing. All essential oils have a variety of therapeutic benefit and when combined or blended can be very powerful in relieving symptoms around hormonal imbalance, stress related issues around sleep, headaches, anxiety and digestion issues. Blends can also be detoxifying, pain relieving, stimulating for your immune systems, enhance concentrating and many more. All blends are made during your consultation and personalized to each individual.

*** It is not advised or recommended to ingest, drink or use essential oils neat on your skin as this may cause a reaction, however you will be advised on safe usage of essential oils in order to promote wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

This is an ancient Indian/ Ayurvedic treatment; this treatment can be applied from a seated or lying down position and can be done with or without oil. It works on the upper shoulders, neck, scalp and face using holistic massage techniques and specific champi techniques, pressure points and energy balancing techniques in the belief that the whole body can benefit. This treatment promotes healthy scalp and hair, relief from tension or stress, induces a sense of calm, and aids alertness depending on techniques used, it also provides relief from tension headaches and migraines, sinus, tired eyes or sense of oppression around the forehead. It is a stand-alone treatment but combines well with other treatments as a combination treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone is a therapeutic massage without the discomfort. It is a specialty massage where you use smooth heated basalt stone and incorporate the stones into your massage application using various techniques or the stones may be place on key energy points on the body at different stages throughout the massage. It is extremely beneficial as the heat penetrates into the deeper layers of the muscles to increase circulation, lymphatic system and also to relieve muscles tension and as such can have a positive effect on conditions such as cramps, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Stress Management

What is stress? Stress is a perceived threat imaginary or real that has been presented over a long or short period of time. It is our body’s response to stressor of life situations that may be beyond our control or when we feel overwhelmed with demands made upon us mental, physical and emotionally. Historically our stress response was to fight or take flight when presented with a threat, hence depleting adrenaline and balance was restored, however in contemporary living it is not always accepted to fight or flight from a situation so as a result we may feel a sense of overwhelm in our lives which can impact negatively on your health in the long term. I would like to highlight that stress is not always negative as stress is also our motivator to get up in the morning, make appointments and follow through on a schedule or to do list. During a session we look at where you stressor are, what area are they impacting and action planning to turn your negative stressors in to positive stressor by using a variety of disciplines to achieve your goal.


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life’s energy” in Japanese is a form of healing therapy that uses simple hand-on, no-touch and visualisation techniques, with the aim of improving the flow of energy in a person, it includes working on imbalance in the energy flow, chakras or meridians to alleviate blockages on the physical, emotional and spiritual level in order to achieve overall wellbeing.

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