Holistic Health

Where did it all begin. I can’t say I was overly interested in this field as I was growing up. You could say I was blessed with good health most of my life. I can count on one hand the trips to the doctor in my early years
So health was a given for me and please god that it will continue in thy way.
Wellness was a foreign concept as such if u are healthy ain’t you well. There was nothing to distigush one from the other. I found my way into this field in 2007 where wellness became a buzz word all of its own. Wellness was not distinguish just by physical wellbeing. The concept of mental health came into play as far as I knew at the time to say you were a little off form didnt mean the same as it does now or maybe it did and I just didn’t realise.
As I gained experience I began to see a pattern of mental and emotional wellness was just as and if not more important as physical wellness as one impacted the other and visa versa. How we think and feel impacts up on the physical and what impacts us on the physical relays to the mind and emotional. Environmental factor also has a unique roll to play in wellness such as how you enjoy your job or career, if you do and if not this can have a negative effect on the body’s systems overall and over long periods of time this accumulation and stress loading can deplete the adrenals and result in imbalances. To which extent can depend on your constitutional build or to what extent you were exposed to various stresses. Most commonly most people can relate to muscle aches or tired muscles or digestive disorders which is very common from mild bloating right up chronic IBS or auto immune disorders.