Loving the Little Things In Life

Can you remember the last time where you found something absoultely hilarious that you laughed so hard that you had tears rolling down your face and pains in your sides from laughing.

I bet it has been awhile.

So I have been thinking on how important a good laugh is, how it can take you from a slump to flying high like a kite in a matter of seconds. Just a flip of a switch your whole perpective can change in seconds. How the world around you can be doom and gloom in one moment and full of roses the next. How after a good belly chuckle problems are not problems anymore and stress doesn’t feel like stress. There is so many reasons why laughing is good for you but somewhere life gets so serious we forget about fun.  We chase the next deadline or the next chores and life suddenly has turned into a constant stream of events or actions and movements where we are on high alert for what is next and we are not really living in the moment. Somewhere we have lost our humour or become so focused on work that we neglect a basis human need such as laughing or telling a joke or living in the moment.

So my thought for the day is live in the moment, enjoy the little things and don’t get bogged down, unplug from electronics, get some fresh air, go for a walk, refresh and recharge before rejoining the land of to-do lists and don’t forget to laugh more.


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