Looking for balance!



Sometimes we get caught up in been busy. The more we do the more that to do list grows. We prioritize we set goals we action plan. We chase our dreams we fall down, we pick ourselves back up and we carry on.

Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t, sometime lady luck helps us out or friend or family member dig us out. Either way life goes on we regroup, reflect make choices and carry on.

Very often in our busyness we fail to take care of ourselves. We take care of everything but ourselves. We say things like I don’t have time, I don’t have the money or I don’t know what I can do to change my schedule or I don’t want to scarifice this aspect of my life to achieve in another aspect. We don’t want to let go of what is familiar. We shoulder our choices and carry on.

All of the above is perfectly fine if we are content with our life. But what if we are not? What if we want more for ourselves? What if we want to make those changes? What happens if we don’t. What is the big picture?

I would love to say I have the answer but I don’t. What I do know is that when life bogs us down and we get worn away with responsibilities, commitments or expectation we do suffer. How is so unique to each individual that is hard to know where to start.

You may start off feeling tired, fed up or start to notice some aches and pains. You don’t recover as quick from injury or upsets and they begin to linger. Headaches may start to occur, digestion may become an issue. Tension can manifest anywhere in the body. You mood may alter as you progress and suddenly somewhere along the road you lose interest in what you are doing. Stresses and demands of your life and time takes over and you are left depleted.

Does this sound familiar? If so you are not alone.

Many people neglect themselves in order to take care of others. What some fail to see is that if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of others on the long term. Growing up we had an expression if the “mammy of the house wasn’t happy nobody was”. This may be true however this is not just confined to the mammies of the house. It’s relevant to all, if your not happy those around you feels the effect (or steers clear).

Somewhere on our path of busyness we have forgotten the basics of self care. Self care can come in many forms and many ways. It may be you book in for that massage session or reflexology treatment. It could be a delightful soak in a hot steaming bath surrounded by fragrant calming aromas and candles. It may be booking that flight to a sunny destination or simply taking a walk in the park or a gentle stroll along the sea front.

Regardless of what you choose as your self care or  what method you use the importance’s of time out or “me time” can never be under-valued as it allows you to just breathe and be. Stepping out of your busyness is the best present you can give to yourself as it allows you to replenish yourself before stepping back in with a better mindset and improved attitude.

I could carry on about different methods of meditation, visualization that you can utilize during your moment of overwhelming busyness but I won’t ( this time). What I would suggest is when you are feeling bogged down or caught up in the moment press the pause button and stop. Focus on your breathing and just breathe. Deep breaths in and out for 30 seconds.

Check in with yourself, see how you are.

If you can hit the reset button Go for it.

It may change your day or even your week. Either way you have nothing lose by looking after yourself first.