Thai Massage Conversation Starter Thoughts

It is with interest that I visit a Thai massage place today as I never had a Thai massage, which is strange to think when I trained and worked along side many talented women and men in the massage and holistic industry, and yet this was going to be a first for me.

I didn’t have any expectation, I have heard that some thai massage can be quiet deep and manipulation include along with the therapist walking on your back. So with this in the back of my mind I was looking forward to the experience.

While the  building in itself is quiet old and didn’t look fresh or recently maintained, I wondered about my own expectation of what a clinic should look like. While the space was nicely decorated with oriental colours, the wood  along the stairs was spray painted gold which in other situation would look tacky, and carpet run thorough out the space. Reception didn’t really sell the place as staff and therapist was casually sitting in the reception area.

Once through reception, I was pleasantly surprised about the décor of the interior. it was wooden rattan and muted colours and low lighting. treatment rooms was basic, very little space for the therapist to move around but enough for the therapist to walk around and very little else bar the seat to pop clothes on and a little stand to hold the oil and the alarm clock. The bed was nicely comfortable and study.

The treatment itself had some nice rituals like heated mitts on the feet as a welcome touch. Hand pressure along the body as a passive way to introduce touch and the therapist along with heated mitts on the forehead to close treatment.

As a therapist it is very difficult to go for a massage and not be ultra aware of techniques been used, what the therapist is noticing and to be aware to there level of skill or training. In this case, there was a lot of effleurage, which has a nice soothing effect. While I know the therapist notice knots and points that needed work, she work in her own style. There was a back manipulation which felt great, the massage didn’t overwhelm me as an experience. It was nice, it was medium pressure like I asked. All relevant areas were covered and it was an adequate massage.

All of the above got me to thinking on different style and approached to massage and to the business and logicistis side of treatment.

This place in general would be a money spinner, but customer service was a minimum and there was no expectation of one either. it was come in massage leave, I didn’t get to see my therapist once she finished the treatment. She gave me a glass a water and left. I return to reception via a warren of corridors.

Things I noticed

1 there was no consultation form to fill- so whats the story with this. really the rest of the country wont touch someone with a consultation and they just about know your name.

the leads up to so many issues concerns such as medical condition, they didn’t ask so they would be so liable in the event of something happening.

so does décor really matter?

does protocol for consultation really matter?