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Holistic comes from the Greek work “holos” meaning whole, body mind and spirit. Some people may view holistic therapies as an alternative method in which to treat the body or imbalances that may manifest in the body.

In my view Holistic therapies is a complimentary method to help treat the body in conjunction with western medicine and is not a replacement to western medicine. When I use the word holistic I aim to encompass all aspects of a person life in order to devise a treatment plan to best suit each individual concern. Holistic represent balance in one’s life.

With Holistic therapies you take into consideration all aspects of what stage a person is in life.

Physically, mental and emotionally, are you active, sedentary, are you enjoying life or do you feel a sense of entrapment, are you fueling your body correctly or are you running on empty. When an imbalance occurs within the body you look for the root cause to treat the presenting condition and not just the symptoms. Imbalance can manifest as; low mood, irritability, pain, aches, digestive issues to name but a few. In a holistic treatment you aim to identify possible imbalance and with each treatment you aim to apply corrective measure to regain some balance so you can function at your optimum in all aspects of your life.

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