Tunic Heaven (Shopping for therapist )

Today was an unexpected surprise shopping day. I am not a massive shopper and go through different mindset through out one shopping trip or window shopping. However today was a fantastic shopping experience as I was in tunic and uniform heaven. I didn’t expect work unforim could be so much fun.

Looking through the multiple different colour, brands makes and styles it’s like the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein or dnky of perfumes. Or Louis Vitton.

While this might be a tad bit of exaggeration it is worth while to note that the usual selection of tunics that is available in most not suggesting all shops is polyester filled material which if u ever sweated in polyester and then remained in this for the day you know that given the chance you would burn every polyester tunics before they were even a thought to produce for salons or spa where therapist spend most of their days in small poorly ventilated dimly light, heated rooms in close proximity to people acutely aware of sweating profusely and the ordour rention of polyester can become overwhelming. While all the time keeping your arms down and pretending it’s not you as you go through an extraordinary amount of deodorant that doesn’t last 24hours in these circumstances.

So now you can get a sense of my extreme delight when I can get tunics that are not black but also of cotton origin and breathability of materials. It makes me bounce in happiness when the colours light up and jump in front of me flaunting the traditional blacks to be replaced with warmth and equally spring or summer colours that would stand out a mile on our typical drap grey day. It’s give you a lift to be dressed in light or bright colour even if they can be blinding.

I lost a wonderful hour or more to the selection of my next uniform and today’s winners were Koi for trousers. (which from previous experience last the test of time before wear and tear becomes an issue and is my personal favouritego to for tunics)